Windows Print Vulnerability: Check Printer Connection


In early July 2021, a critical Microsoft vulnerability was identified and, in line with actions recently taken by other universities, colleges, and organizations, the University of Windsor was required to disable all printing services on campus and University managed devices. This Microsoft vulnerability also affects unmanaged devices used by UWindsor community members. If you know your device is unmanaged, or you want to confirm that your printers have been disconnected, please follow the steps below.


To determine if your printers have been disconnected:

  1. In bottom left corner of screen, click the Start menu icon. 
  2. Click the Settings cog icon.
  3. Click the Devices category.
  4. In left menu, click the Printers & scanners link. 
  5. Check to see if all of your printers & scanners are listed as "Not connected"

Follow Up

If your printers and scanner are listed as "Connected," please read this article for instructions on how to disable them. 

If your printers are disconnected but you still need to print to a Xerox printer, there is an option to do so from a web browser. Please read this article for instructions. 


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