UWinRoleCodes Attribute

The EDS system will assign multiple roles to each user, in cases where the user has multiple relationships with the university. uwinRoleCodes is a multi-valued attribute in LDAP. The eDS system will resolve multiple uwinRoleCodes down to a single uwinIdType with the following priority:

Each row (in parentheses) represents a group, with the top rows having higher precedence. The list of ID types in a given row (group) all have the same precedence. If a user has two roles in the same group, the decision of ID type is made based on date logic (which expires last).

( F )
( E )
( G H J K U )
( Z )
( 7 )
( Y )
( 8 R )
( A )
( Q ) -- new position, used to be in the (G H J K U) group
( S )
( P )
( B )
( 3 4 5 6 C D I L M N V W X )
( T )

The primary source for this information is the EDS table LDAPMGR.DSPERSONTYPE. Here's a partial example from that table:

 DSPERSONTYPE_DESC   | Non Traditional Student
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