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Identity & Directories: UWin Account, LDAP Directory & Enterprise Directory Services (eDS), myUWinfo Employee HR Portal

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UWin Account

New account, password resets/changes, shared secrets and general support.

Password Resets

Instructions for changing and resetting passwords on different systems.

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How do I change or reset my Active Directory password?

It is not possible to change Active Directory password on its own. To change it, you have to change your UWin password.

How do I make my password secure?

Best practices for secure passwords

How to change your Novell password in Windows?

How to reset your Novell password in Windows

University of Windsor Data Services Retention and Termination

When does the University delete my files?

Using KeePass to Manage Passwords

The University’s IT Digital Password Management Policy requires regular renewal (changing) of passwords. KeePass is a tool which can be used to make organising these passwords easier.