User documentation related to UWin Account management: requesting and activating, passwords, security questions and general support.

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Password & Security

Changing, resetting, security questions, best practices.

Types & Services

There are many different UWin Account types. Different sets of services are associated with different account types.

Articles (6)

Pinned Article FAQ: UWin Account

The summary of the frequently asked questions about the UWin Acocunt.

Pinned Article Sign In Troubleshooting Tips

Instructions for accessing Brightspace, UWinsite Finance and/or UWinsite Student when the login process is not working with a UWin Account.

Activating UWin Account

Instructions for new students on how to activate their UWin Account.

Can I change my UWin ID?

It is generally not permitted to change your UWin ID except under special circumstances.

Extending UWin Account

After you have accepted an offer of admission to University of Windsor, you have to extend your UWin Account in order to gain access to additional services.

UWin Account Extension Procedure

Conditions for extending expiry date of a UWin Account.