Which online services are available to University retirees?

If you retire* from the University of Windsor, your UWin Account will transition from its original designation, i.e. Faculty (F) or Employee (E), to a new designation - Retiree (R). You can see your UWin Account designation when you sign into uwindsor.ca/myuwinaccount

All retiree accounts are valid only for one year (i.e. they have an expiry date). Each year on or about November 30th, an e-mail is sent by I.T. Services to all holders of active retiree accounts asking them to renew their account for another year by going to this website:

If the owner of the retiree account does not renew within two months from the time the e-mail notification was sent, the account is rendered inactive and becomes disabled. It can no longer be accessed and hence the link above can no longer be used to request an extension. If your retiree account has lapsed and is no longer active, you need to submit a ticket to have it reactivated using the link below (look for Open Ticket button on that page):

Note that if your mailbox was deleted from the system, it is not possible to restore it. When you reactivate your account, a new empty mailbox will be created.

As a retired employee of the University, your UWin Account gives you access to the following services:

Retirees can purchase a license for Microsoft 365 (desktop versions of Office apps) directly from Microsoft. To do this, you will need to create your own Microsoft Account; you will not be able to do this using your University of Windsor e-mail address.


*Retiring is an official act through HR. If you are unsure that you will be officially retiring according to HR, you will need to contact HR for clarification. 

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