There are many different UWin Account types. Different sets of services are associated with different account types.

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Contractor UWin Account

Contractors working at the University of Windsor require a UWin Account for key control and the Safe Lancer app.

Student Club UWin Account

University of Windsor has a wide variety of clubs and associations that students can join. Officially sanctioned clubs can apply for a UWin Account (type X) that comes with a shared mailbox and a team.

Student UWin Account - Provisioning & Lifecycle

Each UWin Account has an "account type" designation. This designation determines which specific services are associated with the UWin Account. Each user can view their account type and other details by signing into this site:

University of Windsor Data Services Retention and Termination

When does the University delete my files?

UWin Account and Office 365 Agreement Highlights

Use of Microsoft Office 365 and your UWin Account are governed by various agreements. This article hits the highlights.

What services are available to alumni?

After your graduation, your UWin ID type will transition from "Undergraduate Student (U)" or "Graduate Student (G)" to "Alumni (A)" and your e-mail account will remains active.

Which online services are available to University retirees?

Details on UWin Account for retirees and services that are included..