UWin Account and Office 365 Agreement Highlights

All students, faculty and staff at the University of Windsor are granted license to use the Microsoft Office 365 set of software tools and network (cloud) storage as part of their scholarly and professional activities. Use of these systems is governed by the following agreements and policies:

This document brings attention to key points covered in the documents above. Consult the full versions of the documents for more complete and detailed information.

UWin Account for Your Use Only

The UWin Account is for your exclusive, individual and specific use only.

Treat Passwords as a Personal Key

As the holder of a UWin Account (UWin ID and password), you are responsible for protecting campus computer facilities from unauthorized access by keeping your password confidential.

Document Sharing and Ownership

We don’t claim ownership of your content. Your content remains yours and you are responsible for it.

When you share your content with other people you understand that they may be able to (on a world-wide basis) use, save, reproduce, broadcast, share and display your content without compensating you.  If you do not want others to have that ability, do not use the services to share your content. You represent and warrant that you have all the rights necessary for content that you upload or share, and that retention of the content does not violate the law or rights of others.

Internet Connection

You must connect each device upon which you have installed the Microsoft Office 365 software to the Internet at least once every 30 days or the functionality of the software may be affected.

On-line Presence

You will be able to set and display your availability and view other users’ availability in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Portal and Outlook.

Data Residency and International Transit

Microsoft Office 365 mail, OneDrive, SharePoint, Project and OneNote documents reside in data centres in Canada and are encrypted both in transit and at rest.  Access to other applications (Teams, etc.) or to the Azure Directory may cross international boundaries.

Password Change Policy

You must change your passwords at least every 365 days and it must conform to the UWin Account Password Guidelines.

Data Retention

When your working relationship with the institution ends, access and data storage will proceed through a multi-step process and some data will eventually be permanently deleted.

License Termination

The University may decide to discontinue the service in future. Your license to use of the Office 365 system is for a finite term, and it may be terminated.

Tools and Resources

Audit OneDrive Files Shared by You

To get a list of files that you have shared with others:

(1) Visit portal.office.com in your Web browser and choose the OneDrive app. Click on the menu icon in the upper-left corner if you don't see OneDrive in the list.

(2) In the left menu, select Shared, then from the top menu, select Shared by me. This will list files that you have shared with others.

For more information, select a file from the list and then choose Manage Access from the top menu.

Note that files stored in SharePoint groups, Microsoft Teams or attached to email messages are automatically shared with other members in the group or team. 

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