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This article explains how to configure your auth options before (recommended) or after MFA was enabled on your account.
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) combines two or more independent credentials - what you know (your password) with something you have (mobile phone) in order to create a second layer of security for your UWin Account. Even if someone knows your password, they will be prevented from accessing your account when it is protected by MFA.
The new MFA system requires that all faculty, staff and students create at least one second factor for authentication. The first factor is your password. This document outlines the various options for the second factor, and explains the pro's and con's of each one.
This article explains how to configure your authentication options after MFA was enabled on your account.
Each UWin Account has an "account type" designation. This designation determines which specific services are associated with the UWin Account. Each user can view their account type and other details by signing into this site:
After you have accepted an offer of admission to University of Windsor, you have to extend your UWin Account in order to gain access to additional services.
When does the University delete my files?
Instructions for accessing Brightspace, UWinsite Finance and/or UWinsite Student when the login process is not working with a UWin Account.
University of Windsor has a wide variety of clubs and associations that students can join. Officially sanctioned clubs can apply for a UWin Account (type X) that comes with a shared mailbox and a team.
Contractors working at the University of Windsor require a UWin Account for key control and the Safe Lancer app.
Use of Microsoft Office 365 and your UWin Account are governed by various agreements. This article hits the highlights.