What are the guidelines for using OneDrive for Business at the University of Windsor?

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OneDrive for Business at the University of Windsor is a cloud based file storage, synchronization and collaboration service offered through Microsoft Office 365 and managed by IT Services. It enables files to be stored in the Microsoft cloud and allows files to be accessed by faculty and staff through a web browser, desktop synchronization client, or mobile device app. 


  • OneDrive for Business should be used to store your work-related files, in accordance with the University of Windsor acceptable use policy. It should not be used for personal files, photos, media files, etc.
  • The current file storage limit is 5 terabytes per user.  IT Services does not have the ability to extend your space allotment. You are responsible for managing your allocated space accordingly.
  • All of your computers and devices that are syncing with OneDrive shall be password protected with a strong password, and ideally encrypted to prevent unauthorized data access.
  • You shall report any lost or stolen computer or device that is syncing with OneDrive to IT Services as soon as possible.
  • IT Services allows you to share files outside of Office 365 (e.g. with students or outside entities). You should limit file sharing to those with a legitimate need in order to perform University business, and ensure that files with protected personal information (e.g. personally identifiable information, student numbers, grades, etc.) or confidential information are not shared inappropriately.  Remember, once a file is shared with someone, they can download it and share it with others.
  • Any anonymous links that you create to files will expire after 30 days. IT Services reserves the right to terminate any anonymous links to files at any time.
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OneDrive is a file hosting and sharing service in Microsoft Cloud that is included in Office 365 suite of applications available to University of Windsor faculty, staff, and students. The current storage limit for OneDrive users is 1 TB.