How to install OneDrive Sync client for Mac?

1.  Ensure you have the ability to use OneDrive.  Go to and log in with your and your UWin password.  If you see a "One Drive" tile, you are ready to proceed.

2.  Go to the App Store on your Mac, and search for OneDrive.  The app store will locate this app for you.

3.  On the OneDrive icon, click "Get" then "Install App"

4.  You will be prompted for your Apple ID and password.  Enter these credentials to continue.

5.  One Drive will download.  Once downloaded, click "open" from the Apple Store to start the account setup process.

6.  Sign in with your and enter your password.

7.  Choose a One Drive folder location.  By default, it will create a folder under your user account.  Unless you have a reason to do so, accept the default location and click "Choose this location"

8.  You can choose to sync your entire One Drive, or just a selection of folders. 

9.  Once the OneDrive setup is complete, you will see a OneDrive icon in your Finder bar.  If you do not have the OneDrive icon, the files are stored in a folder called "OneDrive - University of Windsor" in your home folder. If you do not see your home folder, when Finder is open, open the Finder menu and select Preferences, and choose the Sidebar tab. Place a checkmark next to the home icon.

Once you have OneDrive installed, it is recommended that you turn on the OneDrive Finder Integration, so you can have visiual indicators as to the status of your files.  Please see for instructions on how to enable this integration.