Why do I have multiple OneDrive icons in my Windows Tray and Windows Explorer Favourites?

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When you successfully complete the process of configuring your OneDrive Sync Client to connect to your University of Windsor OneDrive in Microsoft's Office 365 Cloud, your Windows Tray should contain only one blue cloud icon.

Once you add your personal Microsoft Account (eg. Hotmail, etc.) to your Sync Client, you will then see additional white cloud icon appear in your Windows Tray.

In addition, in Windows Explorer, you may see see two separate OneDrive shortcuts in the Favorites section:

The icon labelled "OneDrive - University of Windsor" is your "personal" cloud storage for files that are by default not shared with anyone. This is the equivalent of the former J drive on Novell.

The icon labelled "University of Windsor" is a cloud storage for files that are by default shared with other users that are members of Office 365 Groups. Each time you setup syncing for an Office 365 Group, a new folder for this group would be added under "University of Windsor." This is the equivalent of the former K, L, M, etc drives on Novell.

If you are not syncing any Office 365 Groups, you will only see "OneDrive - University of Windsor" icon in your Favourites. The "University of Windsor" icon gets added when you enable syncing for your first Office 365 Group.

NOTE: You should not attempt to rename any of these shortcuts because Windows will recreate the original shortcuts resulting in duplicate entries.


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