Can I sync my personal and University of Windsor OneDrive on the same computer?

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You can add your personal OneDrive, if you have a personal Microsoft account such as Hotmail, to the OneDrive Sync Client and sync all your files, work-related and personal, on the same computer.

1. Right click on the light-blue cloud icon in Windows Tray:

NOTE: If you see two blue cloud icons, pick the light-blue icon. The other blue icon will be darker, and it's menu will only offer you a choice to "Sync a new library."

2. Select Settings form the pop-up menu:

3. Make sure that you are on the Account tab.

4. Click on Add an account button.

5. Enter your personal e-mail address when prompted, such as <yourname> or <yourname>, etc. then click on Sign In and follow the additional instructions on the screen.

When you successfully complete this process, your Windows Tray should contain two cloud icons: one blue (this is your University's One Drive), and one white (this is your personal OneDrive). In some cases, you may see three cloud icons - two blue icons (one darker one lighter), and one white icon:

In Windows Explorer, you will now see two separate OneDrive shortcuts in the Favorites section:

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