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This article provides a workaround for installing LsAgent on a device running macOS Monterey. Normal installation method fails with an error message “The disc image couldn’t be opened. The disk image is corrupted.”
In order for your work computer to be deemed as compliant, it must meet a number of requirements. Non-compliant devices will not be able to access some of the resources and systems.
Instructions for addressing a known issue with Microsoft 365 Apps for Mac running in read mode with error message "Your account doesn't allow editing on a Mac. To learn more, contact your admin about your Office plan."
If you have Lotus Notes and Outlook installed on your Windows 7 workstation, you may have to manually update your settings to switch your default e-mail program form Lotus Notes to Outlook. This ensures that Outlook will be used in place of Lotus Notes whenever you click on any so called "mail to" links, such as when you release blocked messages from quarantine by clicking the message ID link in your spam digest message
You must run Repair Disk Permissions utility that may take a few minutes depending on the amount of files you have on your Mac. Once the repair is complete, launch Outlook and you should be able to send attachments.
Instructions to add an additional or shared mailbox to Outlook for Mac
Instructions for OneDrive Mac users.
How to display the OneDrive for Business status indicator icons on Mac
While no native Novell client is available for Mac OS, it is possible to access Novell drives using NetStorage, or by mapping J and K drives following enclosed instructions.
The equivalent of notes.ini on a Mac OS X workstation is called Notes Preferences file and it is normally hidden. You can get to it following these instructions.
How to begin a warranty call or correct a hardware problem for Apple devices.
The easiest way to find your serial number depends on your situation. If your Mac turns on, you can find the serial number right in the interface. If it doesn’t turn on, you’ll need to locate it on the case or original packaging.
When adding a new shared mailbox to Outlook for Mac after you have been given access to it, you may be seeing "Account already exists" error message.
GlobalProtect versions older than 5.1.4 are incompatible with macOS 11.x (Big Sur)
Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology provides secure remote access and secure data transmission between devices that are not connected to the University wired or wireless campus networks and University systems. The the Palo Alto GlobalProtect software that you can install on your computer makes it seem as if it is on the campus network by setting up a tunnel which encrypts all traffic between your computer and the University firewall. This article is intended for Apple Mac users.