Known Issue: Unable to install LsAgent on macOS Monterey

When trying to install the LsAgent on a device running macOS Monterey, the following error message comes up when trying to open a downloaded file: “The disc image couldn’t be opened. The disk image is corrupted”

This issue was reported to Lansweeper technical support and they were able to reproduce it. It was escalated to the development team for further investigation. Once a root cause is determined a fix will be added in a future release. When a fix for this issue is added it will be referenced as LAN-11502 on this page:

In the mean time, the following workaround was provided:

  1. In Finder, go to Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal
  2. Go to the download pad of the LsAgent dmg file
  3. Mount that file using hdiutil attach LsAgent-osx_8.4.100.43.dmg
  4. After mounting the file, you should have the mounted image in Finder from where you can start installer:




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Wed 11/17/21 1:35 PM
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