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Lansweeper is an IT asset management and network inventory software used by IT Services to assist with maintenance of University-owned computers

Lansweeper includes a scanning agent called LsAgent which is a cross-platform, lightweight program that can be installed on Windows, Linux and Mac computers and that automatically collects an inventory from the computer it's installed on. LsAgent sends scanned data back to your Lansweeper installation, either directly or through our relay server in the cloud. Data is securely sent to the relay server over HTTPS, stored in an encrypted format and deleted once a scanning server has retrieved it. Thanks to the relay server connectivity, LsAgent can even scan computers outside of our network and over the Internet.

To download the latest LsAgent installer, please visit


Once LsAgent is installed on a Windows machine, it will auto-update to the latest version. To install LsAgent on a Windows workstation:

  1. Download LsAgent-windows.exe installation file from
  2. Launch the installation file.
  3. During the setup use the following

IP Address of the Lansweeper server:
Port: 9524
Cloud Relay Authentication Key: 4a145500-0800-4739-bcc9-6f980690c234

Alternatively, you can perform a command-line installation with the following command:

LsAgent-windows.exe --server --port 9524 --agentkey 4a145500-0800-4739-bcc9-6f980690c234 --mode unattended


To install LsAgent on a macOS workstation:

  1. Download the LsAgent-osx.dmg installer file from
  2. Launch the installation wizard by opening the dmg file that you downloaded in step one.
  3. In the LsAgent window, right-clicking (or heavy tap) on the LsAgent-osx package icon and select Open from the menu.  

  4. When the security prompt appears, click on Open.

    Should the software be blocked, click the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your screen, choose System Preferences and then Security & Privacy. In this menu, there should be an option to unblock.

  5. Enter your device password when prompted.
  6. Click Next on the LsAgent Setup screen.
  7. Click Next on the Installation Directory screen accepting default path.
  8. On the next screen, use the following

    IP Address of the Lansweeper server:
    Port: 9524
    Cloud Relay Authentication Key: 4a145500-0800-4739-bcc9-6f980690c234

  9. Click Next on the Ready to Install screen.


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