Software management on University macOS workstations

Microsoft Intune is a cloud service that provides device and application management capabilities. All University-owned "corporate" computers are enrolled in Intune which allows IT Services to remotely install Intune-managed software. Several apps are installed automatically as soon as Mac workstation is enrolled in Intune. Users of primary-user workstations can also use Company Portal app to install additional apps on demand.

Standard Software

The following apps are automatically installed on every Intune-managed macOS computer.

App Comments
Company Portal Software distribution (replacement of Software Depot) and device management. Also includes SSO extension for Microsoft apps for Mac and Microsoft AutoUpdate service.
Microsoft 365 Apps for Mac
(formerly Microsoft Office 365 for Mac)
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft Teams
  • OneDrive


LsAgent Lansweeper agent (computer inventory tool)
ConnectWise Control Remote assistance tool, formerly ScreenConnect
Microsoft Defender Virus and malware protection
Microsoft Edge Managed browser

Additional Software

Additional software can be installed by users on demand on primary-user workstations using Company Portal app. This is not possible on shared workstations. To have any of these installed automatically by Intune, the computer has to be added to Azure AD security group corresponding with the app's name.

App Comment
GlobalProtect Accessing certain resources on the University's network requires that you use a secure VPN connection. To establish a VPN connection, you will use the GlobalProtect app on your computer which secures traffic regardless of your location by applying the platform’s capabilities to understand application use, associate the traffic with users and devices, and enforce security policies with next-generation technologies.
YuJa Software Capture YuJa Software Capture app is a software-based lecture capture tool that is installed on all classroom computers managed by IT Services and can be installed by instructors on their workstations to create video and audio recordings of lectures.


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