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In the summer of 2018, University adopted Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) and Intune as a new platform for the management of computers and mobile devices. This article provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to register your personal (non-University owned) Windows 10/11 PC with University of Windsor Azure Active Directory and enroll it in Intune device management.
Microsoft Windows Update is a Microsoft service for the Windows operating system, which automates downloading and installing Microsoft Windows software updates over the Internet. This article discusses two different types of Windows updates and provides a listing of the most recent updates required for device compliance.
The Sentinel One agent software needs to be removed from all University computers by Nov 1, 2022, as our licensing agreement is coming to an end. If your work computer has not been enrolled in device management yet, you will need to follow these steps in order maintain your access to university systems and data once Sentinel One agent software is removed.
When user attempts into Windows on a computer that has not been used in more than six months, they are unable to do so and the following message comes up on the screen:
"Something went wrong. Your organization has deleted this device."
OneDrive does not start on Windows 10/11 dues to incorrect registry and GPO settings on the device.
Prior to Windows 11 feature update installation, when users logged into Windows on these devices they were only able to see the Downloads folder but now are able to see and save to the local C: drive. In addition, Windows profiles of users who signed into these machines in the past as well as multiple guest account profiles were no longer being deleted when disk space gets low. As a result, some computers ran out of free space.
Microsoft Company Portal is an app that faculty and staff at the University of Windsor use to manage their workstations.
This article focuses on remote software management on University-owned "corporate" macOS workstations that are enrolled in Intune which allows us to remotely install Intune-managed client apps. Several apps are installed automatically enrolling Mac in Intune. Users of primary-user workstation can use Company Portal to install additional apps on demand.