Enrolling user-owned (BYOD) Windows computer in Intune

This article provides instructions on registering your personal Windows 10/11 computer to access University data, systems and files. For more information on the benefits of this new solution, please see Related Articles section on the right. 

NOTE: Only personal devices, knowns as Bring your Own Device or BYOD, used to access University systems and data should be registered with Azure AD. University devices, including devices purchased with research grant money should be joined to Azure AD.

Method #1: Company Portal

To enroll your device using Company Portal website:

  1. Go to Microsoft Intune Web Company Portal (portal.manage.microsoft.com/devices)
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft Work Account (UWin Account)
  3. You may be asked if you want to "Stay signed in to all your apps." Please ensure the box next to Allow my organization to manage my device is checked before clicking OK. Please note that selecting this option will only apply to managing University apps and data, and not the entire device. For more info, see Device Management Basics for Users

  4. If your computer is not on the list of your enrolled devices, click Tap here to tell us which device you're using or to add a new device. If you are not sure what your computer's name is, see: How to find your Windows computer name

  5. On "Which device are you using?" screen, select My device isn't listed here and click Add.

Method #2: Windows Settings

To register your Windows 10/11 computer with Intune device management platform, please follow these steps:

1. In the Start menu, click Settings.

2. Click Accounts.

3. Click Access work or school.

4. On the Access work or school dialogue box, click Connect.

5. On the Set up a work or school account dialogue box, enter your account name in this format uwinid@uwindsor.ca, then click Next.

6. On the Enter password dialogue box, enter your password and click Next. You should see a message: "Hold on while we register this device with your company and apply policy. This may take a moment..."

7. When prompted with an MFA challenge, proceed accordingly, depending on how you set up your second authentication factor.

8. On the You're all set dialogue box, click Done.

A successfully registered device shows up with a Workplace or school account entry.

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