How to find your Windows computer name

Every Windows computer has a name to help identify it on a network. Here are several methods for finding it out.

Keyboard Shortcut

The quickest way to find out your computer name is to press Windows key + Pause/Break key. You can then look next to Computer name to find out the answer.

NOTE: Your keyboard may not have a Pause/break key. Many modern keyboards won't. If not, use another of these simple techniques.

Start Button Menu

Right click the Start button. This will open a list of choices. Click System, which will open a Settings window. Look next to Device name to find out the answer.

Command Prompt

Press Windows key + R to open Run. Input cmd and click OK (or press Enter.) This will open the Command Prompt. Type hostname and press Enter. This will output your computer name on the next line.

Windows Settings

Press Windows key + I to open Settings. Click System > About and look next to Device name.

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