Computer naming convention

As of  May 1, 2018, I.T. Services adopted a new naming convention for Windows computers. Computer name will consist of two parts separated by a dash: XXX-YYYYYY, where "XXX" is a departmental code, and "YYYYYY" is a TeamDynamix Asset ID.

Th name can also contain an optional "display name" suffix as long as the maximum number of characters in the computer name should not exceed fifteen characters, including hyphens: XXX-YYYYYY-ZZZZ

For example: BIO-123456-GL02.

Departmental Codes

We have initially adopted department codes that are defined in Human Resources system (VIP), with the following modifications:

  • Any dashes or underscores will be omitted.
  • Special characters, such as "&", will be omitted.
  • For departments where sub-unit codes exist, only the top departmental code will be used.

However, since those codes vary in length, in some cases we had to limit the XXX part of the name to three characters in order to allow four characters for the ZZZZ part of the name.

To look up a code for any given department click on the department name in TeamDynamix ticket, or go to People module and click on Accounts.

TeamDynamix Asset ID

The Asset ID is a unique six digit number that is generated automatically when an asset record is created for a workstation in TeamDynamix IT Services CMDB module. Therefore, each workstation must be added to CMDB in TeamDynamix in order to generate its new name. The asset record contains information about the computer such as the owner, model, serial number, MAC address, and more. Not all attributes must be populated right away when a new asset record is added. In order to generate Asset ID, you can create and save a new asset record with just the basic information, such as:

  • computer name
  • make & model
  • serial number
  • owning department
  • owner / users

In the near future, the process of adding asset records for workstations will be automated. For now, it's a manual process.




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