Xerox AltaLink Driver Installation Instructions for macOS

Printing to the new AltaLink devices is done through Windows (Active Directory) printer queues. Users should not submit their jobs directly to the printer as before with the Workcentres.

Each AltaLink device will have two printer queues. The permission to submit jobs to the queues is controlled by AD groups. The naming conventions are as follows:

Queue Name (version 4) Queue Name (version 3) AD Group Name
DEPT-Xerox DEPT-Xerox-v3 GS-G-DEPT-Xerox
DEPT-Xerox-Location DEPT-Xerox-Location-v3 GS-G-DEPT-Xerox

DEPT is to be replaced by the department’s standard code. The codes are listed in TeamDynamix KB article.

In cases where a department has more than one AltaLink device, the second format will be used, and Location replaced with a description of where the device is located in that department. Windows 10 users should use the regular (version 4) queue, while Mac OS users or users with difficulty printing consistently can use the version 3 queue.

macOS Installation

IMPORTANT: If the Mac is on the wireless network, make sure to connect to uwinsecure since printing is blocked on the Eduroam network.

Installing the AltaLink on Mac OS involves these steps:

  1. Download and install the AltaLink Drivers
  2. Enable Advanced Printer Configuration
  3. Add the Printer in System Preferences
  4. Configure the Accounting Code (optional)

Download the Xerox AltaLink drivers

In Web browser, go to

  1. Select the appropriate macOS version.
  2. Click on the link “macOS Common Printer Driver Installer”
  3. Agree to the license terms
  4. Download the dmg file.  To save time, select “Open with DiskImageMounter” when prompted. Otherwise you will need to double-click on the dmg file in the Downloads folder to open it.
  5. The dmg file contains a pkg file. Double-click on the pkg file to start the installation wizard:

    Follow the prompts through the steps.
  6. When it gets to the “Select a Printer” screen, press Continue. It will not be able to find the printer on your network so press Continue. Even if it finds printers on the local network, do not use them as direct access to AltaLink devices will be locked down on the future.
  7. You will get the “Print Queue Not Created” window (as shown below).  Press Continue – we will install the queue later using some advanced settings that are not available through this wizard.
  8. Finish the Wizard

Enable Advanced Printer Configuration

From the Apple menu in the top left corner, select “System Preferences” and click on the “Printers and Scanners” icon.

Press on the + button under the list of currently installed printers to add a new printer.

Right-click on the area to the right of the Windows icon and choose “Customize Toolbar…” from the menu.

Drag the Advanced icon into the area right of the Windows icon.

Add the Printer in System Preferences


Click the Advanced icon to add the printer.  There may be a slight delay when the computer scans the network.

Choose “Windows printer via spools” as the Type.

In the URL, enter the network address for the printer queue. Use the -v3 queue. The network addresses can be found in List of Xerox AltaLink Printer Queues.

Change the name and location to something useful for the user.

Choose “Select Software…” in the Use field. Type Xerox in the search text area, and then choose the appropriate Xerox model.

Press OK.

Press the Add button to finish the process.

When a print job is sent to the network queue, the user will be prompted for the UWin Active Directory credentials.  To save the username and password, place a check mark next to “Remember this password in my keychain”.  (Note: Adding UWINAD\ before the username is optional)

Configure the Accounting Code (optional)

Some departments use an accounting code (also called a User ID or PIN).  This code is entered through the Xerox Features tab in the print dialog.

To set this up, print a file from any application.  In the Print dialog window, choose “Xerox Features” in the third selection menu.

In the dialog under Xerox Features, choose “Advanced”. Next to Configuration press the Accounting… button.

Choose “Xerox Standard Accounting”, and then select “Do Not Prompt” in the Accounting Prompt setting.

Enter the accounting code in the Default User ID field. Press OK.