Who provides hardware support for campus Xerox copiers?

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The Xerox AltaLink devices that are part of the campus-wide fleet agreement are serviced directly by Xerox. There are two options for requesting service in the event of hardware problems.

Option 1: Use the Get Service Now Button

Press the Get Service Now button on the touch pad. This will automatically contact Xerox, but you will need to provide more information through the interface.

The first time you place a service call, using the Get Service Now button on the machine, you will be prompted to put in the department’s contact information. For example, the name, phone number and email address of the individual who is responsible for the photocopier within your department. Once this information is entered initially, it will be stored for future use.

After the contact information is logged, you will be required to input a description of the issue which you are experiencing with the machine and then hit submit. This will log a Service Request automatically.

A Service Technician from Xerox will contact the Department Contact, by phone or email, within 30 minutes of the Service Request being placed.

Option 2: Call: 1-800-275-9376

When placing a Service Request, please have the following information available:

  • Include the problem code, if you have one
  • The serial number of the device
  • The Xerox device Model number
  • The address where the device is located
  • The Department (person) contact information


Toner Cartridges/Drums

Please note that Toner Cartridges (including drums) will automatically be ordered by your Xerox machine, when the machine indicates that the Tone in the machine is low.

There are instances when the drum container is at capacity before the Toner Cartridge needs to be replaced. If your machine indicates that the drum is at capacity, please place a request for a replacement directly with Xerox. (see below)

Waste Containers

Waste Containers are not automatically re-ordered by the machine. When your machine indicates that the Waste Container is full or approaching full capacity, please place a request for a new Waste Container directly with Xerox. (see below)


Staples are not automatically re-ordered by the machine. When your machine indicates that you are running low on staples, please place a request for a more staples directly with Xerox by calling the phone number on the machine.  Inform the agent of the machine's serial number, and there will be no charge for staples.


Paper for your AltaLink device is not provided by Xerox. Each department is responsible for supplying the paper for their machine. To order paper please use Grand and Toy, the University’s preferred paper supplier. For further information on our agreement with Grand and Toy please contact Brian Houston, our Grand and Toy account administrator (brianhouston@grandandtoy.com).

Manual Ordering

If you need to order supplies for your Xerox AltaLink device, use the Get Service Now button, or call 1-800-275-9376 and indicate what supplies you need and where they should be shipped.


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