Enrolling macOS workstation in Intune using the Company Portal app

NOTE: The procedure described in this article will not work on a Mac that is enrolled in ADE (see more).

Apple macOS devices used primarily by one person are called primary-user workstations. They can be enrolled in Intune device management through the Company Portal app that needs to be downloaded and installed on the device. Enrolling macOS device in Intune this way will also register it with the University of Windsor, providing these benefits to the user:

  • access to internal resources and systems on that device
  • install additional software that the University is licensed for
  • reset the device remotely in the event it gets lost or stolen
  • protect user data on the device by Microsoft Defender and local disk encryption

To enroll macOS device using the Company Portal app:

  1. Navigate to portal.manage.microsoft.com in Safari or other browser
  2. When prompted, sign in using UWin Account credentials (UWinID@uwindsor.ca as login name) of the main user of this Mac workstation. 
  3. Click Devices

  4. Click Tap here to tell us which device you're using or to add a new device
  5. Click Download on the Add this device screen. NOTE: The Company Portal app for macOS can also be downloaded using this link: aka.ms/EnrollMyMac
  6. Open your Downloads folder in Finder and open the CompanyPortal_x.x.x-Installer.pkg file
  7. Click Continue at the Introduction screen
  8. Click Continue at the License screen, accept the License Agreement by clicking Agree
  9. Click Install at the Installation Type screen. When prompted, enter your device's password and click Install Software
  10. Click Close at the Summary screen
  11. Click Move to Trash to discard the installation package
  12. Microsoft AutoUpdate will launch and check for updates. When prompted to configure settings, ensure that Automatically Download and Install or Automatically keep Microsoft Apps up to date is selected.
  13. Launch Company Portal app that was just installed

  14. Click Sign In
  15. When prompted, sign in using UWin Account credentials of the main user of this Mac workstation
  16. Click Begin to start enrolling this device into Intune
  17. Click Continue on the Review privacy information screen
  18. Click Download profile on the Install Management profile screen
  19. The Mac will now direct you over to the System Preferences to install the management profile. When asked "Are you sure you want to install...," click Install and then Install again

  20. When prompted, enter your device's password and click Install
  21. Close all windows and dialogue boxes

At this point, the workstation is registered in Azure AD and enrolled in Intune. To verify this, launch the Company Portal app you installed on your device and check your device status under Devices. You can also use the Company Portal app to install University-licensed software on your Mac, such as Microsoft 365 Apps (formerly Microsoft Office 365 for Mac).





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