Articles pertaining to enrolment of Apple devices in Intune device management.

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Enrolling macOS workstation in Intune using the Company Portal app

This article describes how to use the Company Portal app for macOS to enroll their work or BYOD devices themselves through the Company Portal app.

Enrolling Personal iOS devices in Intune

The article walks users through enrolling a Personal iOS device with Intune to access University data, files, and systems.

Enrolling University iOS Devices in Intune

The article walks users through enrolling a University iOS device with Intune.

Known Issue: "Profile Installation failed" error message during Intune Mac enrolment

You are trying to follow instructions in this article to enroll macOS workstation in Intune. at the end of the process, an error message comes us that says "Profile installation failed. Could not obtain the final profile using the Encrypted Profile service. The credentials within your profile may have expired. Try downloading a new profile"

Setting up your new University-owned macOS workstation

macOS workstations provided to faculty and staff by University of Windsor that are purchased directly from Apple are pre-configured through an Apple program called Automated Device Enrollment (ADE) before you receive them. Once you power on your new Apple computer for the first time, you will need to go through the initial setup at which point your device will complete enrolment in device management and will receive access to University of Windows apps and data.