Microsoft Company Portal

Microsoft Company Portal is an app that faculty and staff at the University of Windsor use to manage their workstations. This app is pre-installed on all University managed Windows and macOS computers, as well as Android and iOS devices. Its website version can also be accessed in any web browser on Windows and macOS computers at

Both, the app and the website version, allow you to:

  • Install additional software on your primary-user Intune-managed workstation or mobile device
  • See the list of all devices enrolled in Intune under your name
  • Check compliance status of each of your managed work devices
  • Securely store and retrieve device encryption key (FileVault on macOS, Bitlocker on Windows)
  • Reset your device remotely in the event it gets lost or stolen
  • Assign a user-friendly name to each device (this does not rename the device)
  • Reset your mobile device passcode
  • Remotely lock your device

Installing Apps

To see a list of software that you as an employee of the University of Windsor can install on your managed device, launch Company Portal on that device and select Apps from the navigation menu. Click the "hamburger" icon located in the top left corner to expand the navigation menu, if using the website version of Company Portal.

Click on the app you would like to install on your device, then click on Install. If the app was already installed on this device as a managed app, you will see the option to reinstall it.

For more information about managed apps, review Managed Client Apps collection of KB articles.

If you are accessing Company Portal on a share device, i.e. device used by multiple people that is not enrolled in Intune under your name as the primary-user, you will not be able to install any software on this device using Company Portal. For more details, please see Known Issue: Unable to see any apps on Company Portal article.

Managing Devices

To see the list of all of your University managed devices, select Devices from the navigation menu. Your current device is identified by "This Device" label. Any University device that is enrolled in Intune device management under your name will appear on this list. Shared devices that you may be using are not included.

If your device meets all University requirements, as defined in the assigned device compliance policy, you will see a green checkmark and a message "Can access company resources" next to device's name. For more information on device compliance and conditional access, please see Compliance & Conditional Access collection of KB articles.

To force a sync of your current device with Intune service, click on the device name and then click on Check Status. This will refresh compliance policy assigned to your device and update its compliance status. This may take a while.

Depending on the operating system installed on your device, you will see a number of actions that you can perform for each device:

  • Rename allows you to assign a user friendly name to your device. This will not change your device's formal name. Friendly names make it easier to distinguish between your devices when using Company Portal.
  • Remove gives you the ability to remove your device from device management. This should never be used unless instructed otherwise by IT staff.
  • Remote Lock allows you to lock your device remotely. This should only be used when your device is lost or stolen. This feature is available only for mobile devices.
  • Reset gives you the ability to wipe your device remotely and reset it to factory settings. This should never be used unless your device was lost or stolen or instructed otherwise by IT staff.


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