Work Device Compliance - Mac

In order to to protect data integrity and safeguard security when accessing University data and systems, it is very important to ensure that the computer you are using is not infected with malware (malicious software) or compromised in any other way. Malware can infect your PC without your knowledge: it might install itself from an e-mail message, when you connect to the Internet, or when you install certain apps using a USB flash drive, CD, DVD, or other removable media. Some malware can also be programmed to run at unexpected times, not only when it's installed. Devices deemed as non-compliant (i.e. not fully protected and free from malware) will not be allowed access to selected University systems that store sensitive data once conditional access policy goes in effect in the near future.

In order for your Apple macOS work computer to be deemed as compliant, it must meet all of these requirements:

  • macOS version must be 11.5.2 with latest security patches installed (more info).
  • Firewall must be enabled.
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