Conditional Access

Conditional Access has become more important with the shift to mobile and cloud applications, along with the growing number of cybersecurity threats. The process allows the verification of both devices and users by applying a predefined set of automated policies. These policies serve as a safeguard for University networks and data. The policies can be tailored to specific factors such as user profiles, device status, time of day, geographic location, and the specific data the user attempts to access.

Device Compliance Policies

Any devices used by university employees that do not meet the minimum requirements, as defined in the device's assigned compliance policy, will not be granted full access to University apps, systems and data. This includes devices, both university-owned and personal, that are not enrolled in Intune - a device administration platform designed to assess compliance and automate software provisioning and updates. This approach is known as conditional access and is required in order to protect University systems and data from threats such as ransomware, viruses and other types of malware. IT Services is currently running a pilot implementation of conditional access involving a limited number of users. The full implementation is expected to take place in Q4 of 2023.

Minimum requirements vary for different operating systems:

When you try to access University apps, systems and data on a device that is non-compliant, the following message will come up:

Clicking the Open button will launch Company Portal app that will provide additional information about your device. 

Scroll down, until you see two links

  • Click on Learn More to see more details on your device compliance status.
  • Click on Check status to refresh your device compliance status. This process may take a while.


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