Setting up your new University-owned macOS workstation

macOS workstations provided to faculty and staff by the University of Windsor that are purchased directly from Apple are pre-configured through an Apple program called Automated Device Enrollment (ADE) before you receive them. Once you power your new Apple computer for the first time, you must go through the initial setup. This will complete the enrolment process in Intune device management and will provide access to University of Windows apps and data.

  1. Power on your macOS device.
  2. Set your country/region to Canada and click Continue.
  3. Choose a keyboard layout. The list shows one or more options based off your selected country/region. To see all layout options, regardless of your selected country/region, click Show All. When you're done, click Continue.
  4. Select your Wi-Fi network. You must have an internet connection to continue setup. If you do not see your network, or if you need to connect over a wired network, click Other Network Options. When you're done, click Continue.
  5. After you're connected to Wi-Fi, the Remote Management screen appears. Remote management enables your organization's administrator to remotely configure your device with company-required accounts, settings, apps, and networks. Read through the remote management explanation to help you understand how your device is managed. Then click Continue.
  6. When prompted, sign in with your work or school account (i.e. UWin Account). Make sure you use as your login name, not just uwinid. After you're authenticated, your device will install a management profile. The profile configures and enables your access to your organization's resources.
  7. Read about the Apple's Data & Privacy icon to later identify when personal information is being collected. Then click Continue.
  8. After your device is enrolled, you might have additional steps to complete. The steps you see depend on how your organization customized the setup experience. It could require you to:

  • Sign in to an Apple account
  • Agree to the Terms and conditions
  • Create a computer account
  • Walk through an express setup
  • Set up your Mac
  1. Once the initial setup is completed, launch the Safari browser and go to Then sign in to the Company Portal website with your work or school account (i.e. UWin Account).

  2. Click Get the App to download the Company Portal installer for macOS.

  3. When prompted, open the .pkg file and complete the installation steps. When installed, the app lets you monitor, sync, add, and remove your device from management, and install apps.

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