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This article applies to all University owned computers with Windows 10 that are managed by I.T. Services with Micrsoft Intune and joined to Azure Active Directory.
This article provides detailed instructions for upgrading Windows 7 on a work computer to the latest version of Windows 10.
This article provides instructions on how to properly configure Windows 10 on a University-owned PC.
Microsoft 365 Apps (Office 365) are available to all faculty, staff and students and provide powerful collaboration tools that can be used to enhance instruction and facilitate collaboration in your courses. This document describes the relationship between Blackboard courses, Office 365 groups, Microsoft Stream and Microsoft Teams with a focus on how to use these tools for use in your UWindsor course.
On some computers, the latest feature update or cumulative update is not available via the Windows Update. When "Check for updates" button is clicked, Windows reports that "You're up to date", even though it is not true.
Rationale for upgrading from an older version of Office.
In the summer of 2018, University adopted Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) and Intune as a new platform for the management of computers and mobile devices. This article provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to register your Windows 10 PC with University of Windsor Azure AD.
Once you harvest the Autopilot CSV file and store it on \\\Shares\ITS\Autopilot file share, you will need to upload it to Azure Admin Portal.
Windows Autopilot is a collection of technologies used to set up and pre-configure new devices, getting them ready for productive use. In addition, you can use Windows Autopilot to reset, repurpose and recover devices.
Computers that are assigned to a primary user can pose a security risk when another (non-primary) user signs on and saves files to their profile (Desktop, Documents, etc.) When you sign on to a computer that is not shared and you are not the primary user do not save any confidential files to the computer.  Non-primary users should not sync files with OneDrive.
The Out-of-Box Experience or OOBE for short is the phase of Windows setup that allows you to customize your Windows 10 experience. Some of the task you can accomplish include defining personalized settings, create user accounts, join a business network, join a wireless network and define privacy settings.
Why upgrade to Windows 10 and Office 365?
Rationale to move from Windows 7 and old Office to the new Modern Desktop.
Hints on system requirements for happy Windows 10 users.
Windows 10 in S Mode is a more limited, locked-down Windows 10 operating system. For University users, the limitations of S Mode are not acceptable.