Known Issue: "Your organization has deleted this device"

When user attempts into Windows on a computer that has not been used in a long time, they are unable to do so and the following message comes up on the screen: "Something went wrong. Your organization has deleted this device"

Most likely, this device has been deemed as a "stale device" and as such it has been removed from the device administration platform - hence any user of this device will no longer be able to sign into it using their Microsoft Work Account (aka UWin Account). A "stale device" is one that had no activity in the last 6 months (180 days). Microsoft's best practice is to perform periodic cleanups of stale devices. According to Microsoft, "Stale devices in Azure AD can interfere with the general life cycle policies for devices in your organization." 

If this device needs to be used again, it has to be re-joined to Azure AD by IT Services Service Desk staff or a departmental technician. A ticket should be submitted for this work (select "Join Windows PC to Azure AD" in the Request Type field on the ticket form).


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