Installing GlobalProtect VPN client on macOS

(1) Open a Web brower and connect to

Note: the httpS

Log in with your UWinID username and password.

(2) Download the “Mac 32/64 bit GlobalProtect agent”.


(3) Install the GlobalProtect agent by opening (double-click) the downloaded pkg file. 

The following images show the steps.  You do not have to change any of the default settings.

If you are running an older version of macOS (10.14 Mojave or older), you must also select "GlobalProtect System extensions".

You will be prompted to enter the username and password of an administrator accont on your Mac.

(4) Older macOS versions: Allow Access to the System Extension

If you are running an older version of macOS (version 10.14 Mojave or older), you must also allow the installed system extension. After installation, GlobalProtect will start and prompt you:

Press the Open Security Preferences button. In the General tab, you will see the message "System software from Palo Alto Networks was blocked."  Palo Alto Networks is the developer that created the software and provided the campus firewall.  

Press the Allow button.

(5) Establish the Secure Connection

GlobalProtect should launch automatically after installation. Enter the portal address

Press the Connect button and another window will appear and you will be prompted for your UWinID username and password.  Enter those and then press Connect.

Check the VPN connection status

There are two ways of checking to see if your secure connection is established.


(A) The first way is to check the GlobalProtect icon on the right side of the top menu bar. When disconnected, the green and blue globe has a red X on it:

When connected, the green and blue globe shows a gray shield:

(B) The second way is to check the Home tab in the GlobalProtect app. Above the Warnings/Errors box you will see the status.


Connecting and Disconnecting

Disconnecting and Connecting to the VPN can be done using the globe icon in the top menu bar:



During the installation, if you did not click on the Open Security Preferences button to allow the extension, you can still allow it. You can find detailed instructions in this article GlobalProtect on macOS stuck at Connecting





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