Printing to GoPrint from a Web Browser (Cloud Printing)

Some on-campus GoPrint printers will accept jobs from the Web.  Any computer that has a Web browser can submit a job to these printers, without needing to download or install a client or drivers. This article provides step-by-step instructions for sending a job for printing using the Web.

[Step 1] Connect to the Web site

Go to the URL:

[Step 2] Select a Location and Printer

[Step 3] Start the Upload

After selecting your location, please click on Upload a Document button.

[Step 4] Set an ID

Please identify your print job by using your Print ID and click Continue.  Please note this is the ID you will see your job as when releasing it on a Paystation or NetZtouch unit.

[Step 5] Upload the Document

Please select the file you would like to print by choosing one of the options below:   

Once selected, click on Submit button and proceed to the Paystation or NetZtouch unit to pay and release the printed job.

[Step 6] Release the Job (Pay and Print)

On the new NetZtouch you will need to swipe your card (or in case you have a newer proxy ready card – you can use it for tapping instead) followed by entering in the Print ID you selected in the step 4 to pay and print the job you have submitted.

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