What is GoPrint and where can I use it?

Over twenty printers are available all over campus for general student or public use. Using a self-serve system, users are able to print and pay by swiping a UwinCARD. UwinCARDs act like a gift card, where you can apply credits, and then each time a print job is released, it is deducted from the balance on the card.

If you are in a large computer lab that provides this service, the process is easy.

Printing Process with GoPrint

If your lab requires a per-user login, or machine names are fixed, the process is:

Print Workflow for Labs with Logins

If your lab uses generic or guest logins, then there is one additional step where you need to enter a name and password for the job:

General Printing flow with GoPrint Client

Simply print from the application on the computer and choose the printer in the lab. In most labs it may be the only printer setup on the machine you are using. In case you have a choice, the name of the printer follows this format:

name of the lab + "_" + printer type + "-HOLD"

Then go to the release station computer next to the printer:

  1. Select your job name (or login or workstation ID), enter your job password (optional),
  2. select the jobs you want printed,
  3. press the confirmation button (total cost will be shown)
  4. swipe your UwinCARD
  5. your UwinCARD balance will be displayed, press the confirmation button, and
  6. collect your pages from the printer.

List of Printers and Locations

Queue Name Printer Location
BUSSTUDCOMMONS_LASER-HOLD Odette School of Business, Room 216
BUSSTUDCOMMONS_COLOUR-HOLD Odette School of Business, Room 216
CS_JAVA_LAB-HOLD Erie Hall, Computer Science, CS Commons
ECSLAB01_LASER-HOLD Engineering, ECS Lab
ECSLAB02_LASER-HOLD Engineering, ECS Lab
ECSLAB03_LASER-HOLD Engineering, ECS Lab
ECSLAB04_LASER-HOLD Engineering, ECS Lab
EDULAB_2223-HOLD Education Building
EDULRC_COLOUR-HOLD Education Building
EDULRC_LASER-HOLD Education Building
HKGRADLAB_LASER-HOLD Human Kinetics Graduate Lab
HKLAB_LASER-HOLD Human Kinetics Lab
LEDDYMAIN_1STFLOOR_LASER-HOLD Leddy Library, Main Building First Floor
LEDDYMAIN_1STFLOOR_COLOUR-HOLD Leddy Library, Main BUilding,First Floor
LEDDYMAIN_BASEMENT_LASER-HOLD Leddy Library, Main Building Basement
LEDDYWEST_BASEMENT_LASER-HOLD Leddy Library, West Building Basement
MATH_rm10108_LASER-HOLD Lambton Tower, Math Graduate Lab (10-108)
MSLCLAB_LASER_HOLD Erie Hall, Mathematics Resource Centre, 3rd Floor
SCHULICH_LAB_rm1114_LASER-HOLD Medical Education Building
SoCA_DIGITAL_LAB_LASER-HOLD Armouries Building Basement, Digital Lab
SoCA_STUDENT_LOUNGE_LASER-HOLD Armouries Building, First Floor
SRCLAB_COLOUR-HOLD Science Resource Centre
SRCLAB_LASER-HOLD Science Resource Centre
UCC_LAB_LASER-HOLD University Computer Centre Basement
UCC_LAB_COLOUR-HOLD University Computer Centre Basement

If you have your own laptop device (Windows or MacOS), and you are connected to the UWindsor wireless network, you can print to the GoPrint system from your laptop. You will need to download and install additional software, as described in other Knowledge Base articles.

Adding Funds to your UwinCARD

You can add money to your UwinCARD three ways using:

  • Cash or coin at the Automatic Deposit Machines in the Leddy Library or the CAW Student Centre
  • Cash or debit at the UwinCARD Office in the lower level of the CAW Student Centre
  • A credit card and making an online deposit through UWinsite Student (Look under UwinCARD Services > Add Funds)


Print jobs that have been sent to the release station, but not printed within 30 minutes are automatically removed from the queue.

The general public can purchase a card for printing from the Automatic Deposit Machine on the first floor of the main building of the Leddy Library, and add credit at the same vending machine.


In case of problems with the printer or release station, contact the departmental technical support people, if available.

If you encounter problems using the GoPrint software, or a departmental or lab technician is not able to help, contact the IT Service Desk at www.uwindsor.ca/itshelp or call extension 4440.

If you are having problems with your UwinCARD, or account balance, contact the UwinCARD Office at extension 8946 (UWIN) or send email to uwincard@uwindsor.ca


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Some on-campus GoPrint printers will accept jobs from the Web.  Any computer that has a Web browser can submit a job to these printers, without needing to download or install a client or drivers. This article provides step-by-step instructions for sending a job for printing using the Web.

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There are several general purpose and specialised computer labs across campus. Some of these computer labs are maintained by departmental technicians while others are maintained by I.T. Services.
GoPrint pay-per-use printing stations are available in public areas, such as Leddy Library and selected computer labs on campus. This service is accessed with your UWin Card.