Public Print Stations (GoPrint)

The University has integrated the cost-recovery printing system called GoPrint with the UWinCard Office. When using the GoPrint service, pay-per-use printing will be handled live and on-line with our current Ancillary Services databases, similar to how Food Services operates now. There is no need to purchase "cash" cards from dispensers since students can use their own student UWin cards. Public patrons that purchase "guest" cards may also print in this manner.

The main printing locations are in the Leddy Library and University Computer Centre but many labs across campus also employ this facility.


You need to activate and place funds into your account before the GoPrint system will release your print request to a printer.

Currently, you can visit the UWin Card Office in the basement of the CAW Centre. Community users may purchase a GoPrint card from the value-add machines as well.
If you wish, you may add to your account using a credit card through a link on the University Student Web Portal.

How GoPrint Works?

Printing under the new GoPrint system is simple. From your workstation you send your document to an appropriate print queue. Then visit the print release station (called a Pay-Station), select your workstation's ID from the given list, review and select your print request displayed upon the screen, swipe your UWIN card and the print job will be released to the printer as your account is debited the cost of your print request. 

Getting Assistance

Have a question about this service? Ask it here.

To request assistance with any GoPrint related issues, please click Open Ticket button on the right. This will bring up a form that you will need to fill-out and submit to open a support ticket with the I.T. Service Desk. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with the ticket reference number and additional instructions.

For information about your UWin Card account, please contact the UWin Card Office at extension UWIN (8946) or e-mail

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