GoPrint pay-per-use printing stations are available in public areas, such as UCC Student Launge, Leddy Library, and selected computer labs on campus. This service is accessed with your UWin Card.

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Printing to GoPrint from a Web Browser (Cloud Printing)

Some on-campus GoPrint printers will accept jobs from the Web.  Any computer that has a Web browser can submit a job to these printers, without needing to download or install a client or drivers. This article provides step-by-step instructions for sending a job for printing using the Web.

What is GoPrint and where can I use it?

Summary of the GoPrint service and list of locations

Printing to GoPrint with your own MacOS computer

Instructions on setting up your Apple Mac laptop to use the a campus GoPrint printer.

Setting up GoPrint client on Windows

Instructions on setting up GoPrint client (gswebclient) on your Windows to use a campus GoPrint printer.