Cortex XDR Endpoint Protection and Response

The University has selected Palo Alto Networks' Cortex XDR as the accepted endpoint protection (AEP) / anti-virus solution for University computers. Cortex XDR is a leading solution in the endpoint detection and response market and Palo Alto Networks is a market leader in cybersecurity solutions.

The use of AEP is mandatory for university-owned devices. It is a critical component of a multi-layered technical solution to protect campus computers, user accounts, and sensitive data from cyber threats.

Where can I install Cortex XDR?

Cortex XDR has been licensed for all University-owned workstations and servers and can be installed on Windows, macOS, and Linux devices.

Cortex XDR will run on current versions of Windows, macOS, and most newer Linux distributions. See Palo Alto's detailed table of supported versions

Older versions of Cortex may be available for older operating system versions. Please contact the Service Desk.

How do I get Cortex on my device?

The easiest way to get Cortex installed on your computer is to enroll it in device administration. This will allow Cortex to be deployed automatically onto your device without any additional action on your part.

You may also install Cortex manually following the instructions in these KB articles:

What if I have special circumstances or need exceptions?

Please open a service ticket with the IT Service Desk to review your situation.

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