How to Enter and Submit Time for Students and Part-time Employees


To enter/submit time in the myUWinfo portal: 

  1. In your web browser, go to:  

  1. Log in using your UWin ID email (, select Next and add account password. Select Sign in.  If required, complete the Multi-Factor Authentifcation (MFA)  process. 

  2. From your main myUWinfo homepage, click on either of the My Time icons.

Interface with My Time selection outlined
















  1.  On the My Timesheet screen, this page will default to show the current 2-week pay period.

Interface with arrowz toggle date














  • You can use the left arrow to see previous pay periods however, they are for viewing purposes only as you CANNOT enter time prior to the current pay period.   

  • As there are no entries for this pay period, the Timesheet Status is blank showing 0 hours and the Submit Timesheet button is grayed out since there are no entries to submit. 

Interface showing zero hours and grey submit timesheet














From this screen, there are 2 ways to add a time entry: 


  •  Method 1: Click on Add an Entry

Interface with add entry selected














  • A window called My Time Entry will pop up where you will complete the required details of your time entry. Then click Save

Interface with add date, hours worked and save outlined













  • Method 2: Click on the date in the graph you want to add an entry for. 

Interface with arrow to select date on bar graph














  • The same pop-up window will open but the date will be pre-filled so that you don’t have to enter it in. You can enter your hours worked and/or the Start and End Times.  Do not include unpaid breaks. Click Save.

Interface with My Time Entry and red box highlighting the hours worked, start time, and end time.







  1. Once the time entry is saved, a green bar will appear to reflect your time entry.   

Interface with green bar outlined














  1. If you click on the bar, the details of the time entry will pop up. Notice that the system automatically defaults your time entry to your primary position. 










7. The status of your timesheet now says “In Progress” for 2 hours and the Submit Timesheet button is now clickable. This means that the time entry has been created but still needs to be submitted for processing. You can submit your timesheet after each entry is added or wait to do it all together at the end of each week. All timesheets must be submitted on a weekly basis by Sunday night at the latest.


Interface with outlines of status, submit timesheet, and bar graph














  1. After clicking Submit Timesheet, the status will update to "Submitted for Approval".

Interface with submitted for approval


















  • This means that the time entry has been submitted to your Manager/Supervisor for approval. If you do not have any additional time entries to add, no further action is required. 

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