Connecting your Windows 10 device to EDUROAM wireless network.

The EDUROAM wireless network is the preferred wireless connection for students and alumni at the University of Windsor. Follow these steps to configure your laptop running Windows 10 to connect to EDUROAM wireless network:

1. Left click on the network icon in the taskbar () to bring up the list of wireless networks detected:


2. Click on Network settings to view Wi-Fi settings:


3. Click Manage Wi-Fi settings to examine the configuration.Identify networks that the computer should not be connecting to, especially uwindsor Wi-Fi network.Click on the network name and select Forget:


4. Select eduroam and then click Connect to initiate connection to eduroam Wi-Fi network:


5. Enter your credentials (i.e. your full UWINID e-mail address and your UWINID password in the following dialog, and click OK:


6. Click Connect to continue connecting to the network when prompted: