Which wireless network should I use?

There are several wireless networks available on campus that serve different purposes:

Network name (SSID) Users Purpose
uwinsecure University of Windsor employees Alternative to wired network for day-to-day connectivity
uwinreslife University of Windsor students (residence) Provides connectivity to students in residence
uwindsor University of Windsor students, employees Unencrypted network (for devices that do not support WPA2-Enterprise security)
eduroam Students, researchers, educators (worldwide) Provides access for roaming users from other educational institutions (more info)

Faculty and staff should be connecting to uwinsecure. This network provides connectivity similar to the wired network, including access to various systems and printers on campus.

University of Windsor students living in residence are able to connect to uwinreslife, which provides unrestricted internet connectivity similar to standard Internet service providers.

Students, researchers, educators from the University of Windsor as well as other educational institutions around the world can use the eduroam network.

The uwindsor network should only be used as a last resort, as it's provided for compatibility with older devices that do not support the security protocols employed by other networks.