Is There Training For The Scotiabank Visa Business Travel Account (BTA) Card

The Finance department has developed an Online BTA Card Training module. All cardholders are required to successfully complete the training program before they can:

  • Sign-up for a new BTA Card; or
  • Renew their current BTA Card.

Cardholders are required to participate in the training program and apply the BTA Card Guidelines when using their card on a day to day basis.

Completing the training

In order to complete this training requirement, we ask that you:

  1. Read the document:
    See the Files section on the right to download the PDF copy of the document Scotiabank VISA Travel Card Training
  2. Complete the online quiz:
    The link to the quiz can be found on the last page of the Training Guide. You can also access the online quiz by clicking on the link below. After successful completion of the quiz, you will receive an email certificate. Please keep this email certificate for your records.

    Begin the quiz

Should you require any assistance, you can:

  • Open a Ticket at the UWindsor Self Service Portal, or
  • Contact the Procurement at or extension 2085.
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