Enable Microsoft Azure SSO (Single Sign-on) with Mozilla Firefox

SSO (Single Sign-On) is a feature where you enter your user name and password once, and other applications will not prompt you again for it during your session.

You can turn on Microsoft Azure SSO for Firefox, then when you log on to your Windows PC using your @uwindsor.ca credentials, you will not be prompted again for a user name and password when you visit supported sites like portal.office.com and uwindsor.ca/lynda


  1. Run Firefox and enter about:config in the address bar. Accept the risk notification that you see.  
  2. Search for the network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris preference. This preference lists Firefox's trusted sites for Kerberos authentication.  
  3. Right-click and select Modify.  
  4. Enter https://autologon.microsoftazuread-sso.com in the field. 
  5. Select OK
  6. Reopen the browser.

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