Is Centre Suite checking my accounting to make sure my account combination is correct?

No, Centre Suite does not have the functionality to run a check to ensure the combination you entered is correct when you are moving expenses.  Please check your work carefully when you are changing accounting in Centre Suite; this month we had 85 transactions get rejected from the PCard file because the accounting string was not right (we’ve manually fixed them for this month’s posting).  The common errors we noticed were:

  • Ensure you use your new accounts and not your old ones
  • Ensure you chose the right fund.  When you are charging a program that starts with “4” the fund should be 04. 
  • Please ensure you choose an appropriate natural account. For example, the Cost of Goods Sold natural accounts (starting with “84”) should ONLY be used by parties within the Ancillaries (Fund 03)
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Wed 10/24/18 2:38 PM
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