Y2K20 Why? I am using Windows 10 and Office 365

Automatic updates to Windows 10 or newer will keep you up to date. Feature updates will be published one per year and will include new enhancements and utilities. Quality updates (security patches) are released once per month.

Office 365 Pro Plus is similar – automatic updates twice per year will ensure that you have the latest and greatest productivity tools available to you.

Congratulations! You are most of the way there, but there are two more steps we want you to take to be up to Y2K20 standards.

Azure Active Directory is the system that we are currently using to control access to Office 365. It also provides access to groups, and thus to the various shared folders, Teams, SharePoints, etc.  We want to take this one step further and connect your Windows 10 computer log on to Azure Active Directory.

When your Windows 10 or newer computer asks you for your username and password, enter user@uwindsor.ca and your current UWin account password.  This will unlock your computer and enable single sign on (SSO) to a number of applications.  This means that you enter your password once, and it will connect you to Office 365, Brightspace and other applications without prompting you again.

This makes it easier to deal with the quarterly mandated password change policy.  A side effect of this is that you need to remember to log off or lock your computer when not in use for security reasons.

The other new feature with campus-owned computers is Device Administration. Your computer will be enrolled in the Intune system, and it will make system administration less of a bother for you.

With your computer in Intune, software will be automatically downloaded and installed as needed. For example, if your department acquires new software, the software is added to your computer profile and it will automatically be installed. There is no need for a technician to visit, or for you to download and install standard software.

New computers will also be easier to install. If the computer is pre-enrolled with Microsoft Auto Pilot, just open the box as shipped, log on with your UWindsor credentials, and the new computer will be automatically setup with the correct profile and software.

Laptop computers that are enrolled in the device administration system have an additional level of security.  If the computer is lost or stolen, IT Services can send a remote lock or data wipe command to the device.

Personal or BYOD (bring or own devices) can also be enrolled in the device administration system. User data on personal devices cannot be seen by system administrators, but software can be installed and managed as needed. A personal device that is enrolled is treated as a more trusted device.

If you encrypted your registered device, offering your data another layer of protection in case the device is lost or stolen, the recovery keys can be securely stored in the device administration system.

With Project Y2K20, the rest of campus will “catch up” with you and have Windows 10 and Office 365, so sharing documents securely will be easier.

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