Configuring Windows 10 in a single-application kiosk mode

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This setup requires a managed browser to be installed on the device by Intune. To do that, add the security group containing target devices to the Assignments section of the Kiosk Browser (Online) app.

Create kiosk configuration profile following these steps:

  1. Click on Device configuration
  2. Click on Profiles
  3. Click on Create Profile
  4. Enter the name for this profile that follows the naming convention, example: Dept - RES - Kiosk Laptops - Kiosk
  5. Enter a brief description
  6. Select Windows 10 or later as Platform
  7. Select Kiosk as Profile type
  8. In Settings section, select Single app, full screen kiosk in Select a kiosk mode
  9. Select Auto-logon in User logon type
  10. Select Add kiosk browser under Application type
  11. Configure Kiosk browser settings
  12. Click OK
  13. Click Create

Create and configure WiFi profile.

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