Device configuration profiles, OMA-URI, PowerShell scripts, local accounts

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Configuring Windows 10 in a single-application kiosk mode

Instructions for configuring Windows 10 10 in kiosk mode via Intune

How to add another user as local administrator on the machine that is joined to Azure AD?

By default only the person who joined the computer to Azure AD is granted local administrator rights.

Known Issue: Some device config settings are not being applied correctly after Windows 11 feature update was installed

Prior to Windows 11 feature update installation, when users logged into Windows on these devices they were only able to see the Downloads folder but now are able to see and save to the local C: drive. In addition, Windows profiles of users who signed into these machines in the past as well as multiple guest account profiles were no longer being deleted when disk space gets low. As a result, some computers ran out of free space.

Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Configuration

Guidelines for configuring UEFI settings on University computers running Windows 10/11