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SPSS compatibility issues with macOS Sonoma
After launching IBM SPS Statistics, an error message come up on the screen: "No license exists for IBM SPSS Statistics or the license is expired. The license file might be missing or no..."
IBM SPSS Amos is a powerful structural equation modeling (SEM) software helping support your research and theories by extending standard multivariate analysis methods, including regression, factor analysis, correlation and analysis of variance. This article explains how to download and install the software, and how to purchase a license for it.
All Windows users will need to follow instructions in this article to ensure you have the latest version of SPSS installed, and to install the required security patch. You must take action as soon as possible to protect your computer from being compromised. You will first need to remove it from your computer and replace it with version 28.0.1 so that you can apply Log4j vulnerability patch.