Why am I unable to sign into Microsoft Office 365 Portal?

There may be several reasons why you are having problems.

What are you using as your login name?

You must use your University primary e-mail address as your login name. This will work:


This will NOT work:



Are you typing in a correct password?

You can use Verify Your Password (uwindsor.ca/verifypassword) service to see if you are entering a correct password. If on the results screen you see the following message: "LDAP: uwinid exists in LDAP and the password is correct", and at the same time "Active Directory: uwinid exists in LDAP and the password is wrong", then you must change your UWin ID password to synchronise it with Active Directory. Microsoft Office Portal uses Active Directory to authenticate users.

Is your UWin ID active?

Your UWin ID may have been disabled. Are you able to sign in to other University systems? If not, please contact our I.T. Service Desk to investigate.


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