Known Issue: macOS Warning message Legacy System Extension

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macOS presents a warning "Legacy System Extension".  The warning continues with "Existing software on your system loaded a system extension signed by "Palo Alto Networks", which will be incompatible with a future version of macOS. Contact the developer for support."


Apple macOS 11.0 (Big Sur) is an upcoming significant upgrade to macOS, including changes to how it handles System Extensions. The GlobalProtect VPN client used by the University is created by Palo Alto Networks. It installs a system extension in order to provide VPN services. The current version of GlobalProtect installed on this computer is an older version that is not compatible with macOS 11.0's new system extension system.


Install a newer version of the GlobalProtect client. You can find more information and a download link in this article.

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Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology provides secure remote access and secure data transmission between devices that are not connected to the University wired or wireless campus networks and University systems. The the Palo Alto GlobalProtect software that you can install on your computer makes it seem as if it is on the campus network by setting up a tunnel which encrypts all traffic between your computer and the University firewall. This article is intended for Apple Mac users.
GlobalProtect versions older than 5.1.4 are incompatible with macOS 11.x (Big Sur)