SafeLancer QR Code Check-in

QR Code Reader Not Working?

Step 1

If you see a "Loading QR Scanner" message this can usually be cleared by tapping the Refresh icon on the device.

Step 2

If tapping the Refresh icon does not help or you are experiencing a different technical error with the QR code reader, please contact IT Services by calling: 519-253-3000 ext. 4441. Provide the device number (ITS-#######) on the "QR Code Reader Not Working" poster posted close to the QR code reader.

Checking into Campus QR Locations

Every designated entrance on campus has a QR code reader installed in order to record and validate that you have a green SafeLancer badge for the day.

1. Take the Self-Assessment in the Safe Lancer App

Each day, all individuals coming to campus will have to take a COVID-19 self-assessment using the Safe Lancer app. To do this on your phone, open the app, click Self-Assessment > Self-Assessment Tool > Start Self-Assessment.

After receiving an "Approved" self-assessment, continue to step 2. 

The service is available through your browser as well if you do not have a mobile phone:

2. Locate a QR Code Scanner

Scanners are available at all designated entrances into buildings.













3. Retrieve your Assessment QR Code

You can retrieve your assessment by opening the Safe Lancer app, clicking Self-Assessment > Self-Assessment Tool > My Self-Assessment Status.

4. Scan your QR code to Check-in across campus

Present your QR code to the QR Code reader, there is a front-facing camera. Once successful, you will receive a green notice confirming "CHECK-IN SUCCESSFUL". You can use your QR code badge to check in for 24 hours across campus before it expires. 

Scanner Response Green Proceed








Other Scanner Responses

Grey - Check-In Pending 

Unable to verify your badge status. Please proceed if you have a green badge. 

Scanner Response Grey Pending








Grey - Check-In Badge Expired

Your badge has expired. Please perform another self-assessment using the Safe Lancer app and check in again.

Scanner Response Grey Expired








Red - Check-In Denied

Your badge has been denied. Please leave campus immediately and self-isolate. 

Scanner Response Red Badge Denied









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