How will I know that my UWin Account password is about to expire?

All UWin Account holders are required to change their password at least once a year (every 365 days). Users whose passwords have expired, will not be allowed access to any systems using UWin Accounts for authentication (Brightspace, Microsoft Office 365, UWinsite Student, UWinsite Finance, Self-Assessment in the Safe Lancer app, etc) until they change their password.

Email Notifications

You will be notified through email starting 30 days before your UWin Account password expiration date. Subsequent reminders will be sent periodically closer to the expiration date:

  • 14 days before your password expiration date
  • Daily reminders in the week leading up to day of expiry.

This emails will come from the address with a subject line "Action Required: UWin Account Password change needed - # day(s) remaining ." See Files section on the right for a screen shot of a sample email notification.

Sign In Page Warning

Starting at 30 days before your password expiration date, a warning message will be displayed on the sign in page urging you to change your password.

UWin Account Manager 

At any time, you can go to to see your password expiry and password last changed dates. In addition, starting 30 days before your password expires, you will also receive alerts in UWin Account Manager indicating "It's time to change your password."

UWin Account Manager - Password change needed message


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Your UWin Account is your personal digital identification for accessing a number of on-line services at the University of Windsor. A valid and active UWin Account is required of everyone associated with the University of Windsor who plans on using any of the IT systems and services.